Meat Tenderizer- 48 Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Blades

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Featuring multiple razor-sharp knives, 45 Stainless Steel Blades easily cut through the connective tissues that make meat tough. Resulting in mouth-watering tenderness every time.


ENJOY YOUR PERFECT COOKING TIME : A great meat tenderizer is like a professional chef, it is The secret of retaining the original flavor and making delicious in their kitchens, it will make a great surprise in the improvement of the taste of meat whether grill, pan, broil, bake, BBQ, whether steak, London broil, round roast, chicken breast, pork loin, etc. Let you enjoying daily meals with tender, delicious and succulent meats.

BEST QUALITY AND GREAT DESIGN : Made of food grade material, 48 stainless steel blades and ABS plastic. XL size with 48 stainless steel blades make quick work of any size cut of meat that will tenderize your meat, create many pockets for allowing marinade to penetrate readily, make it tasty and juicy. UP TO 40% SHORTER COOKING TIME and shrinkage of meats without losing of their natural juices.

EEASY TO CLEANING & SAFELY STORAGE : Portable with a protective cover. Blades only deploy while pressing into meat and automatically retract when lifted to ensure safety. 

EASY TO CLEAN, RATED AS DISHWASHER SAFE OR HAND WASH: Just soak in warm soapy water after a few minute and wash right off with the help of free brush.

Package includes

 1x Meat Tenderizer Needle

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