Hanging on Neck Phone & Tablet Holder

  • $18.75
  • Save $20.25


The Lazy neck Phone & Tablet Holder is perfect for viewing phone, watching movie, enjoying music & video, holding GPS device, playing phone games in bedroom, car, metro, bus, bicycle, train, plane, gym, office, classroom, park, exhibition, etc 

  • It fits almost all sizes of mobile phone; the connection is fairly secure. 
  • The handsfree mount swivels for landscape or portrait orientation. It's really versatile; you can strap it around your neck when you are in toilet or doing the chores, wrap it around the bicycle, put it on the ground or bed. The cable is flexible but stiff enough to stay in the shape you leave it in.
  • Adjustable angle, 360 degrees rotating, hence you can set your phone in some very unique configuration. 
  • Safe enough for controlling your phone, also helps maintain distance between your eyes and phone. 

Pack List: 

1x lazy neck phone & Tablet holder