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LANBENA Blackhead Remover
LANBENA Blackhead Remover
LANBENA Blackhead Remover
LANBENA Blackhead Remover
LANBENA Blackhead Remover

LANBENA Blackhead Remover

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How many pore cleanser and blackhead removal products have you used without any solution ?

How many gimmicky black/gold/green masked products have promised the world but deliver poor results?
How many times have you almost ripped your face off with tears streaming down your cheeks from the pain!
Don't you just want something that actually works without all of the above?
Lanbena Blackhead Remover ACTUALLY WORKS
  • New technology of blackhead remover peel off mask,Powerful effect.
  • The blackehead remover fast dry just need about 5-10 minutes.
  • Contain Hyaluronic acid ,aloe vera,Portulaca oleracea extract,Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate for pore minimizer and skin repair.

 - Natural ingredients protect your skin :

 - Aloe Vera: it is able to tighten, firm, moisturize and whiten your skin, and it can also relieve inflammation. It also proven effective in gently exfoliating surface skin, naturally improving acne scars, while preventing wrinkles, under-eye bags and sagging skin. It also has unique ability of treating skin inflammation, acne, freckles, etc.

 - Portulaca Oleracea: It can impressively prevent skin dryness in the winter, increases the comfort of the skin and scavenge free radical.

 - Glycyrrhiza Uralensis (Licorice): It features multiple functions, including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, anti-allergy, and deodorant functions. 
Open pores with warm towel or steaming the face,Apply the lotion on your nose evenly and cover it with the paper,peel it off after it dry(about 5-10 minutes)

Caution:For external use only .Avoid to contact with eyes and damage skin,please text the product on your hands before use it on face if you are sensitive skin.


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