Mini Electric Facial Pore Cleanser

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From now on Skip the expensive spa treatments !

Skip the expensive spa treatments, you can get the same results from home over and over again with our facial pore cleanser This hand-held microdermabrasion device acts as a vacuum, suctioning off dead, dull skin cells while gently exfoliating to smooth the surface of both your face and body.

Coated with micro-crystals, the interchangeable heads soften the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores while smoothing the texture of your skin. Plus, as an added bonus, your skin care products absorb better and quicker, getting you results faster.

 - About This Item :

  • No squeezing, no piercing, no scratching, your blackhead will be sucked out.  
  • Minimizes the appearance of large pores and helps to remove the dirt that causes acne and blackheads.  
  • Quick, safe, effective, and skin-caring.  
  • Makes your facial skin smooth, firm and elastic.  
  • Improves your facial skin condition effectively.  
  • Mini in size, light in weight, suitable for carrying on the go.  

  - HOW TO USE :

  1.  Wash your face, and gently dry with soft towel.
  2.  Press ON/OFF to turn on the machine, set the speed.
  3.  Use your free hand to pull the skin tight and then gently rub the head of the machine on your skin in an upward motion. Don’t do more than 1 or 2 passes in the same area of skin.
  4. Apply a thick moisturizer to keep the moisture in dermal skin layers and prevent over-drying.

Easy to clean, simple to operate, portable for home or travel use.

  • Use gentle, deep cleansing suction to remove skin impurities
  • Removes blackheads and dead skin
  • Improves skin tone and pore appearance
  • Essential facial care tool. Effective for skin toning




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