New Multi-function Adjustable Kitchen Bathroom Rack

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Organize your spices, medicine and much more with the handy Spice Shelf Stackable Shelf. Adjustable height and width to fit into any cabinet, this shelf has a non-slip surface to keep everything in place.

   - Why to buy this adjustable spice rack :

  • EXCELLENT AND EFFECTIVE ORGANIZER : Mecete Stackable Organizer Spice Rack can turn a mess of spices into an organized masterpiece! This Rack can organize EVERYTHING in their cabinets! Spices, pill & supplement bottles, fingernail polish, crafts and more!
  • INSTALLATION IN SECONDS : No more frustration facing so many pieces of rack to put together. Mecete Stackable Organizer Spice Rack has only 6 pieces to install one shelf of rack, you can install this spice rack in seconds. You can stack the shelf on the other shelf, or put the two shelves side by side. Our Organizer Rack has two kinds of legs, the long legs and short legs. The long legs' height is 6 inches(15 cm), and the short legs' height is 3.75 inches(9.5 cm).
  • STRONG SUPPORT LEGS : With one strong support leg on each shelf, this leg is as wide as 1.25 inches. No more sturdy or flimsy, Mecete Stackable Organizer Spice Rack has strong legs to support spice jars on them.As you can see the capacity test, each shelf can bear the weight of 14 KG, namely 30 lb.
  • EXTENDABLE WIDTH : Each shelf has extendable width. The minimum width is 9.5 inches, and the maximum is 15.75 inches. Besides, you will find graduated scale in the middle of the shelf, make sure the left of graduated scale equals to the right, namely the supporting point should always stay in the center.