Water Colorful LED Shower

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Get a wonderful experience and make a fantastic moment in your shower today !!

- The great thing about LED shower heads is that you can significantly spice up your

shower experience by adding some colors. By utilizing the newest technology, LED

shower heads will use the water flow to generate colorful lights. There are so many

colors to choose ..

 - The Best About This Led Shower :

  • Brighten up your mornings and create an amazing light show for your evening shower.
  • Brightness is such enough even no other lighting fixtures need. The light is activated by water pressure and turns off automatically with the water.
  • Energy saver & friendly, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • No batteries, no wire needed. Fits all standard connectors, easy to install.
  • 7 colors are displayed circularly and gradually when water flow (the light colors are NOT affected by water temperature). Offers you delightful bath and wonderful experience.
  • Ideal for bathroom to make it more fantastic.

 - That is to say, a LED shower head will generate red sparkle when the water is

hot, usually green/yellow for warm and blue if the water is cold. Therefore, you

can prepare yourself before you enter the shower as you will clearly see, by the

color, if the shower is hot or cold. It is going to take some practice to find out the

ideal tune of color for the perfect water temperature.

    - Specifications : 

length: 215mm

width: 38mm

Shower nozzle:78mm

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